BLUM, Mark

Bugs in 3-D (Raincoast, $27.50)

Stereographers are on their own these days. No one manufactures stereo cameras anymore, let alone the specialized macro stereo equipment Mark Blum needed to produce the 44 plates in Bugs in 3-D (Raincoast, $27.50). Blum had to build his own customized cameras and lenses for the book. Blum provides life-like close-ups of a juvenile molting orb weaver spider (which must shed its exoskeleton several times before reaching adulthood); the docile rose-hair tarantula (a favourite of the exotic pet trade); and mating toad bugs only slightly bigger than the proverbial pinhead. Blum's previous book was Beneath the Sea in 3-D.

[BCBW 1998]