Born in Gravesend, England in 1904, he immigrated to B.C. in 1929. He homesteaded on a farm east of Bella Coola and began to operate a sport fishing resort, Stuie Lodge, that became Tweedsmuir Lodge. In 1937 he contributed to efforts to create Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, then went to the headwaters of the Stikine River with his wife Marion in 1948, settling at Cold Fish Lake. After his first season in Spatsizi, he never hunted again with a rifle, preferring a camera. His many years of lobbying for the protection of the area led to the creation of Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Provincial Park, the third largest park in B.C., after Tweedsmuir and Tatshenshini. Spatsizi Park is located 320 km (200 mi) north of Smithers, east of the village of Iskut, off of the Stewart-Cassiar Highway. The Walkers sold their property at Cold Fish Lake in 1968, but retained their trading post and sawmill at Tatogga Lake on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway. Now retired, they live in Smithers, British Columbia. Tommy Walker's account of homesteading in the area is simply called Spatsizi (Harbour/Caitlin). It has been reprinted five times.

"Classic" [BCBW 2003]