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"The slowest-speaking public figure in Canada turns out to be also a straight-shooter." -- Allan Fotheringham

When Noranda acquired 49.9 PER cent of MacMillan Bloedel in 1981, it was the largest takeover in Canadian history. A CEO of Noranda in 1982, Adam Zimmerman of Toronto became the non-executive chairman of B.C.'s largest forest company from 1983 to 1990. “Compared with Noranda,” says Zimmerman in his autobiograpical Who's In Charge Here Anyway? (Stoddart 1997 $29.95), “MacMillan Bloedel's head office was top heavy beyond belief. They had vice-presidents for everything.” Zimmerman was CEO of Noranda Forest from 1987 to 1992. His insider's look at Canadian business voices his suspicions of media and his disdain for politicians. He believes NAFTA will turn Canada's forest industry into an industrial paraplegic. “Asking politicians to negotiate trade deals,” he says, “is like asking a hospital orderly to perform heart surgery.” Zimmerman moved to Ontario.

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