Queer View Mirror 2 (Arsenal $19.95)

Edited by Karen X. Tulchinsky and James Johnstone, Queer View Mirror 2 (Arsenal $19.95) is a second collection of lesbian and gay short fiction, featuring 101 stories from around the globe.
In “Killing Arthur” by david michael gillis, Roger tells his lover of ten years that he is leaving him — for a woman. Their confrontation turns ugly when Arthur loosens his belt asking for “one last go around, for old times sake.” As the title suggests, things take an unexpected turn for the worse.
Diana calls up her mother with the intention of telling her that she's in love with a woman. Instead, she ends up putting off her news and asking for a recipe in “Chocolate Chip Cookies” by Karen Leduc.
In Gary Probe's “Pink Shag Triangle”, the narrator tries to tell his mother that he's gay. She ignores him and changes the topic. The title refers to the section of carpet in the family living room that is a few shades lighter than the rest — because the narrator's mother put vodka in the carpet cleaner's power vacuum.
Other B.C. writers in the collection include Larissa Lai, David Watmough, Persimmon Blackbridge, K. Linda Kivi and Karen Woodman. Queer View Mirror 2 is dedicated to the memory of Alan Alvare, Vancouver writer and grief counsellor who passed away in December 1996.

[BCBW 1997]