WALKER, Michael

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"The day the government provides Johnny Cash with a subsidy is the day I'll say our national cultural policy is just." -- Michael Walker.

Executive Director of The Fraser Institute, Michael Walker was born in Newfoundland in 1945. He is author, editor and contributor to more than 20 books on economic matters such as Balancing the Budget, Flat-Rate Tax Proposals, Reaction: The National Energy Program; Rent Control: A Popular Paradox and Unions and Public Interest. He has prepared syndicated radio and newspaper reports and columns, plus he often expounds upon The Fraser Institute's 'free market' ethics as an interviewee. The Fraser Institute became a member of the Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia in 1977. It was incorporated as an independent, federally chartered economic and social research organization on October 22, 1974 under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act. Financed mainly by corporate contributions, it has since become arguably the most influential publishing house in Canada by redefining the middle of the road--to the right. Its editorials have been placed in a remarkable range of publications.

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Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
Canadian Confederation at the Crossroads. The search for a federal-provincial balance

Tax Facts Ten (Fraser Institute $19.95)

Between 1961 and 1996, the average Canadian family's tax bill rose from 33 per cent to 48 per cent of its income according to Tax Facts Ten (Fraser Institute $19.95) by Isabella Horry, Filip Palda, Michael Walker and Joel Emes.

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The Underground Economy (Fraser Institute $19.95)

The Underground Economy (Fraser Institute $19.95) edited by Owen Lippert and Michael Walker, is a collection of papers on the underground economy and how it is manifested in a variety of countries.

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