Gold Rush, Reliving the Klondike Adventure (Gordon Soules $16.95)

Ian and Sally Wilson's Gold Rush, Reliving the Klondike Adventure (Gordon Soules $16.95) records the couple's year long adventure travelling by horseback and hand built scow, hiking old trails on foot and snowshoe, and panning for gold in the Yukon.
Among their many preparatory tasks was learning to tie a double diamond hitch. To do so, they attended a horse packing clinic in Aldergrove. Their first attempt took twenty minutes. After several hours of practice, they managed to cut their time down to a respectable ten minutes.
“Repeating the process on a real horse was much more challenging,” says Ian Wilson. “This horse moved! It stepped nimbly aside when we attempted to load the boxes. It tried to nip me as I looped the rope over its withers. It stomped on my boot as I leaned close to tie a knot.”
They survived to tell their fourth wilderness tale and set off on their fourth, extensive, cross country, promotional tour — minus pack horses.

[BCBW 1997]