Start and Run a Profitable Coffee Bar (Self Counsel $15.95)

“Starting a normal coffee bar is suicide,” says Tom Matzen, co author of Start and Run a Profitable Coffee Bar (Self Counsel $15.95), an insider's guide to brewing success in an oversaturated industry.
“In store roasting is where the money is at — the bottom line is that beans are bucks.”
Matzen should know. Nine years ago he was offered what he thought would be a dud deal — an 87 square foot coffee bar in downtown Vancouver. As luck and hard work would have it, he ended up netting a lucrative career and a future wife.
“Luck is seizing opportunity,” says Matzen, who hired a young woman named Marybeth Harrison to run Milano Espresso in 1988. She turned the business around and generated a $7200 per month profit after three months.
Since Milano, the couple have started up some 42 coffee bars, have fallen in love and are now engaged.
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