From Uncle Bill's Kitchen (Bilkin $19.95)

When he was 21, Bill Anatooskin built his own home in Burnaby, completed in 1954. The total cost was $10,800 including the lot and $100 paid to a realtor. Five decades later Anatooskin has taken 13 years to build a cookbook. The production costs for From Uncle Bill's Kitchen (Bilkin 1997 $19.95) have exceeded the price tag for making his 3,000 sq. ft. home. As a retired construction supervisor for large projects such as pulp mills and schools, Anatooskin hired the best tradesmen he could find — for editing, cover design, colour separations, indexing, etc. — with colour photos by retired Canadian Living photographer Fred Bird of Salmon Arm. “Each time there was a delay along the way, it was for a good reason,” he says. “Doing the project myself, I didn't have to work to a strict deadline. In the end, that worked to my advantage.”

Anatooskin began the long process of refining his mother's recipes when his wife's health problems required her to restrict the fat and cholesterol in her diet. His subsequent project features nutrient analysis by a registered dietician for each of his 230 recipes. Uncle Bill's Kitchen also offers ingredient substitutions which can be made to reduce fat and calorie content for numerous recipes from Anatooskin's Doukhobor heritage. “Because people are eating less meat or becoming vegetarian,” writes dietician Jean Fremont, “the search is on for tasty main course vegetarian dishes. Most of the recipes in Uncle Bill's Kitchen are vegetarian or can be vegetarian with very minor changes.”

[BCBW 1997] "Cookbook" "Doukhobors"