PARKER, Marion

Author Tags: Alcohol

Born in the Columbia Mission Hospital at Rock Bay in Johnstone Strait, Marion Parker now lives in Victoria. She spent five years gathering her uncle Johnny Schnarr's story for Rumrunner (Orca Books), which recalls Schnarr's 400 successful trips by boat, under cover of darkness, to deliver Prohibition liquor from Canada as far south as Ensanada, Mexico.

[BCBW 1992]


THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JOHNNY SCHNARR (ORCA) by Marion Parker & Robert Tyrrell. A true, wild west coast adventure! Rumrunner is the story of Johnny Schnarr's career as one of the most successful rumrunners to work the Pacific Northwest during the Prohibition era in the Roaring Twenties. Known for designing and building the fastest boats on the coast, Schnarr made over 400 successful runs, consistently outwitting the Coast Guards of both the United States and Canada. Rumrunner is hyped as a true story of excitement and adventure complete with high-speed midnight chases, bullet-riddled boats, hijackings and even murder.

[BCBW Summer 1988]