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A life-long resident of Victoria, B.C., Linda Foubister graduated from the University of Victoria. As a biologist she has studied snakes and maintains a keen interest in mythology.

Her first book, Grass: Serpentine Mythology and the Great Goddess, explores the concept of the life-renewing, death-dealing Snake Goddess in cultures throughout the world and over time. It concerns snakes, as animals and as symbols of feminism, and also myths and fairy tales illustrating the archetype of the Serpent Goddess. It provides a dictionary of over 100 forms of the Serpent Goddess.

"The serpent has been the sacred symbol of the Great Goddess since prehistoric times, and is associated with renewal, fertility and prosperity. Like the Goddess, however, the serpent has become associated solely with evil. Goddess in the Grass examines the symbolic meanings of the Serpent Goddess, revealing her origins as the life-giving, death-dealing Great Goddess."

In 2013, she published The Key to Mythic Victoria which investigates the myths surrounding Victoria, B.C. The book profiles "the myths and the symbols of B.C.’s capital city to reveal the genius loci of the area. The stories include the Cadborosaurus, the Vancouver Island Mermaid, the reflecting pool at Mystic Vale, the fairy tale castles, and the symbols from the Victorian era - plainly in sight but unseen - and over 50 more mythic tales."

Foubister has visited sacred sites such as Stonehenge, Delphi and the Ganges River. She has also contributed to Meadows, Mounds and Meanders: Sacred Sites of Victoria (Ninshu Press 2005) by writing about the symbolism found in Victoria’s Ross Bay Cemetery. Foubister has worked in the public sector in the fields of gender equality and environmental protection.


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