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Climber and adventurer Robert Julian Wood was part of a two-man team that made the first British and Canadian ascents of the 'Nose of El Cap' at Yosemite. Born in 1945, he grew up in north Yorkshire where his father introduced him to hill walking as a child. He began rock climbing at age 14. He trained at the Architectural Association School in London but later 'opted out' by building a partially self-sufficient homestead for his family on Vancouver Island. There he became active in the Friends of Strathcona and the Stratchcona Park Lodge Outdoor Education Centre. His subtitled 'autobiography from the Canadian Wilderness Frontier' called Towards the Unknown Mountains focuses on winter ascents of Mount Waddington and Colonel Foster in Strathcona Park, but it refers to his adventures in Scotland, Yosemite, Baffin Island and around B.C. With the companionship of his longtime friend and climbing veteran Doug Scott, Rob Wood recounts the development of 'survival philosophies' and his environmental awareness. He is not to be confused with another Vancouver Island-based explorer, Gareth Wood.


Towards the Unknown Mountains (Ptarmigan Press, 1991)

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