WELLER, Stella Adelle

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Stella Adelle Weller was born in British Guiana, South America in 1935. She trained as a nurse at Charing Cross Hospital in London and now has eight health-related books published in eight languages, such as Easy Pregnancy with Yoga, Super Natural Immune Power, Pain-Free Periods and The Secrets to Stopping Hair Loss. Most are originally published in Britain. She came to B.C. in 1969. Yoga For Children (HarperCollins 1997) is a teaching tool for adults with easy to follow instructions for children.


Yoga For Children (HarperCollins 1997) $18.95
The Yoga Back Book: The Gentle Yet Effective Way to Spinal Health
Yoga Therapy: Safe, Natural Methods to Promote Healing and Restore Health and Well-Being
Yoga in a Box with Cards
Yoga Beats Asthma: Simple Exercises and Breathing Techniques to Relieve Asthma and Other Respiratory Disorders
Well Being for Women: A Confident Approach to Living a Joyful, Healthy & Productive Life
Yoga for Long Life: Gentle, Effective Exercise; Ideal for the Mature Person
Pain-Free Periods: Natural Ways to Overcome Menstrual Problems
The Breath Book: 20 Ways to Breathe Away Stress, Anxiety and Fatigue
Easy pregnancy with yoga
Super Natural Immune Power: How to Keep Your Natural Defence Mechanisms in Peak Condition
Complete yoga
The Secrets of Stopping Hair Loss
Well-being for Women
Silky, Smooth, and Strong
Respirar Bien Para Vivir Mejor

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