JUHASZ, George

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Born in Hungary, Juhasz left for Switzerland in 1956. He exhibited his sculptures in the Montreal subway system, then worked in the American movie industry. He was an animator with Peter Max for The Yellow Submarine movie about the Beatles and for many years he was an animator for Dreamworks and Warner Brothers, providing background animation for Joseph and his Coat of Many Colours. As a Vancouver-based sculptor and illustrator, he contributed to children's titles from Tradewind Books such Leslie Owen's Pacific Tree Frogs, Rescuing Einstein's Compass and City Bat, Country Bat (2004) by Vicoria Miles. He died in October of 2004.

[BCBW 2004] "Illustration"

Rescuing Einstein’s Compass (Tradewind $22.95)

Born and raised in Hungary, Vancouver illustrator George Juhasz has worked on more than 100 animation projects—including The Beatles’ movie The Yellow Submarine. Having recently illustrated Leslie E. Owen’s Pacific Tree Frogs (Tradewind $10.95), Juhasz has turned his hand to depicting the world’s most famous scientist in Rescuing Einstein’s Compass (Tradewind $22.95).

The story is by Shulamith Levey Oppenheim whose husband was a friend of Albert Einstein’s. Einstein was best man at her wedding. During the ceremony, the ring dropped through a hole in Einstein’s pocket. “He stared straight ahead without a blink,” she says, “not moving a muscle, while it was fished out!” That memory was the grist for Rescuing Einstein’s Compass.

The children’s story concerns the compass that Einstein was given by his father. Herr Professor Einstein goes sailing with a young boy named Theo—and Theo manages to save the day after the great physicist manages to drop his compass overboard while explaining the concept of magnetism. “The compass was my first mystery,” Einstein says, grateful to Theo for diving and retrieving it. “and all my life I have worked to solve mysteries.” Compass 1-896580-31-9; Frogs 1-896580-42-4

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