HASKETT, Michael J.

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Co-author of

The Day B.C. Quit Canada (Penticton: Durango Publishing Corp. 2004 288 pages, $24.95, trade paper. ISBN: 1-55422-422-5). With John A. Haskett.

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The Day B.C. Quit Canada
Press Release 2003

"Screwing of the West Continues"

Penticton, B.C. A new Canadian novel, destined to be highly controversial, has just been published. Titled “The Day B.C. Quit Canada”, it deals with the continuing and growing alienation of the West. It’s fiction, the story of what could happen if the West continues to get screwed by the Ottawa politicians, and if English-speaking Canadians--87% of the whole population--continue to get shafted by French-speakers in the federal civil service.

Co-author Michael Haskett said, “The two western provinces have been sending far more money to the Ottawa politicians than they ever get back. For example, according to stats researched by the Canadian Assn. for Business Economics (Ottawa), for the 37 years between 1961 and 1997 (most recent data available), and converted to 1999 dollars, if you lived in Alberta or B.C., each person in those provinces paid an annual average of $1,107 more to the federal government than he received. (By comparison, Quebecers received an annual $844 for every year.) Even worse, much of this money has been squandered on the bilingualism myth first created by Pierre Trudeau, more than 100 years after Confederation, and continued since then by French-speaking activists and cowardly politicians afraid of the so-called ‘Quebec backlash’.

“For example, we have the shining example of the current (temporary) defense minister publicly saying that Canadian armed forces would not get any financial assistance. They’d even have to bum rides on US aircraft and use equipment which was in a deplorable state. ‘But these soldiers had better learn to speak French’, the minister said, obviously afraid of losing his cushy job awarded by a French-speaking prime minister, one of the original activists who have hijacked the federal civil service to promote their language goals. The fact that all Canada’s largest and friendliest allies speak English didn’t affect his actions.

“English-speaking Canadians have been hoodwinked into believing that French, a dying international language, now world ranked about 13th, is worth learning. The only citizens who force their kids to learn French are those who feel those kids have no other future except as overpaid, probably under qualified, civil servants in an increasingly French-speaking body. What an objective to offer your kids!”

The 288-page novel, complete with illustrations and 4-color cover, is published by Durango Publishing Corp.

“We expect some vicious verbal attacks by agitator French-speakers in the federal civil service,” said Associate Publisher Tom Burke. “Not from average Quebec citizens, who basically could care less about so-called bilingualism as long as they can use French in Quebec. And that’s the way it should be. 97% of all French-speakers live in Quebec. In the entire 4 western provinces 1/17th of 1% are French only speakers. Even in Ontario it’s just 3/10th of 1%. To say that Canada is a bilingual country is the same as saying that because Louisiana is largely French-Cajun the U.S. should be bilingual.

“Ever since France was solidly defeated by England, Canada has been English-speaking with one French-speaking province. Attempts to change that fact are childish, extremely expensive to Canadian taxpayers, and divisive of national unity." -- Durango Publishing