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Whitewater rafter Pam Withers of Mayne Island has worked as an outdoor guide, kayak instructor, journalist, editor and associate publisher. She has worked for Adventure Travel magazine in New York, and for a magazine in Seattle, prior to coming to Vancouver. Her Take It to the Extreme series for ages 12 to 16 features best friends Peter and Jake. For the fifth installment, Surf Zone, the pair of 15-year-olds go to the west coast of Vancouver Island where a scuba-diving accident strands them with a French surfer girl on an island. With only their surfboards to provide a means of escape, they must work together to survive an enormous storm. Vertical Limits is set in the Bugaboo Mountains. During a video shoot on a soaring spire, Peter must overcome his fear of heights after a lightning storm interrupts carefully laid plans.

DATE OF BIRTH: July 31, 1956

PLACE OF BIRTH: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA



Tracker's Canyon (Dundurn 2017) $12.99 978-1-45973-963-5
Bungee Jump (Orca 2016) $9.95 978-1-4598-1216-1
First Descent (Tundra, 2014)
Daredevil Club, Orca Currents, 2006
Vertical Limits, Whitecap Books, 2006.
Breathless, Orca Books, 2005.
Surf Zone, Whitecap Books, 2005
Camp Wild (Orca Currents, 2005)
Adrenaline Ride, Whitecap Books, 2004
Peak Survival, Whitecap Books, 2004
Raging River, Whitecap Books, 2003
Values Shift, Prentice Hall Canada, 2000

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Peak Survival
Press Release, 2004

Peak Survival is the second book in the Take it to the Extreme Series by Pam Withers. It is an extreme adventure story set in the spectacular mountains near Whistler, B.C. Raging River, the first book in this series, was released in October 2003, and made the BC Bestseller list within weeks. The adventure continues with Peak Survival when friends Jake, Peter and Moses spend their spring break helicopter skiing. While the boys set off on their adventure, Fiona, a snowboarding fanatic from England is embarking on a trip of her own on a nearby mountain peak. Bad weather and an accident leave the boys and Fiona stranded. They realize they must work together and use their survival skills to make it back to safety. The group faces every challenge from surviving the hazards of the backcountry (such as avalanches and hidden crevasses) to finding food and shelter in the cold. The teenagers must join together to overcome their fears and face challenging perils in an adventure of a lifetime.