GIBSON SR., Gordon

Author Tags: Forestry

Co-author of an autobiography:

Bull of the Woods: The Gordon Gibson Story (Vancouver: Douglas and McIntyre, 1980). With Carol Renison. Republished in paperback in 2000.

[BCBW 2004] "Forestry"

Bull of the Woods
Promotional copy (2000)

"Logger, seaman, hotelier, politician, millionaireóGordon Gibson was a tough man, a fast friend and a hellish enemy. Bull of the Woods is a tale of guts and raw courage from a Canadian Horatio Algeróa man big enough to tell his life story with the same brutal honesty with which he lived it.

"In a skeptical age when Canadian heroes are our of fashion, this is a memoir worth its salt and then some. When first published in 1980, it sold an incredible 50,000 copies and was widely reviewed nationally as one of the best books of the season. This new edition includes an introduction by The Globe and Mail columnist Gordon F. Gibson." -- Douglas & McIntyre, 2000