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“The key to deciphering war,” according to Bo Filter of Courtenay, “is the realization that delusion underpins the base components of aggression.” With a Masters in psychology, Filter has launched a projected six-volume series that examines 'the mental illness of war' with The Cause of Wars & Aggression: Book 1 (Global Justice Publishing, $39.95). It’s dedicated to “people who think that war is incurable.” After exploring the nature of aggression in his first three volumes, he plans to explore the cure of wars and aggression in the final three volumes.

From 1963 to 1967, Filter was in U.S. Navy electronic communications. He received a BA in Psychology in 1973, with minors in Philosophy and Electronic Engineering. He received an MA in Psychology in 1979.

CITY/TOWN: Courtenay, BC

DATE OF BIRTH: May 10, 1945

PLACE OF BIRTH: Scottsbluff, Nebraska



The Cause of Wars and Aggression: Book 1 (Global Justice Publishing, 2004 $39.95) 0-9729872-0-7

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