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With a B.A. in visual arts and an M.F.A. in art and theory from the University of Regina, Carl Peters has written a doctoral thesis on the construction and practice of the sacred in bpNichol's poetics. Peters is also the editor of bpNichol Comics (Talonbooks).

In 'textual vishyuns' (Talonbooks, 2011), Peters places Vancouver-based artist bill bissett's drawings, poetry and three-dimensional assemblages within the larger context of art history.

Peters teaches poetics and avant-guard art at the University of the Fraser Valley.


Editor, bpNichol Comics (Talonbooks)
textual vishyuns (Talonbooks, 2011) 978-0-88922-661-6 $24.95

Studies in Description: Reading Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons (Talonbooks 2015) $18.95 978-0-88922-961-7

[BCBW 2015] "Art"

vishyuns accompanies novel

The one-man culture known as bill bissett has broken new ground—as usual—with his first work of sem-fiction, novel (Talonbooks $17.95), partially an uncapitalized narrative about a character named jimmee searching for his lover, mark. There are also “pomes and essays” to comprise a mélange of invariably vibrant bissett humour and wisdom—as usual. There is nobody like bill bissett and there is no novel like novel. His bio material states he is, “originalee from lunaria ovr 300 yeers ago in lunarian time sent by shuttul thru halifax nova scotia originalee wantid 2 b dansr n figur skatr b became a poet n paintr in my longings after 12 operaysyuns reelee preventid me from following th inishul direksyuns.” Simultaneously, Carl Peters has released the first scholarly study of bissett’s poetry and pictures, textual vishyuns: image and text in the work of bill bissett (Talonbooks $24.95).

novel 9780889226715; vishuns 9780889226616