KEILLOR, Kenneth

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In Kenneth Keillor's autobiography The Clawing Tree, the former Postmaster is raised by 'a violent, sadistic, adulterous, wife-beating, alcoholic father' and molested by a male stranger at the age of five. Keillor also recalls the scandal that ended his career with Canada Post Corporation and resulted in the filing of a $10,000,000 lawsuit to get their attention. Also recalled are the court cases Keillor fought and won after falsely accused men released their lawyers to seek his advocacy; Keillor's three election bids for the Mayoralty of Abbotsford and his founding and presidency of The Freedom Party of British Columbia. Since working at Canada Post, Keillor has been a singer, musician and recording artist. He lives in Abbotsford.

DATE OF BIRTH: May 12, 1953



EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Advocate, Investigative Analyst, Counsellor, Composer, Singer, Recording Artist


The Clawing Tree (The Punks Entertainment, 2000)
Analysis (The Punks Entertainment, 1998)
Post Mortem (The Punks Entertainment, 1997)

[BCBW 2004] "Autobiography"