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Words for Christmas (Self-Published/River Channel Press)

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Pens in Motion

[BCBW 2004]

Pens in Motion

Okanagan writers have thus far raised over $12,000 for Rick Hansen's Man in Motion World Tour by selling Pens in Motion ($5.00), an anthology of selected works by 100 Okanagan writers and illustrators.

The fundraising project was pioneered by blind Penticton poet Mike Mansfield, who first met Hansen as a co-competitor in the Disabled Olympics. Mansfield, with Penticton Herald reporter Heather Glebe, formed a Pens in Motion committee that sifted through 600 submissions before 3,000 copies of Pens In Motion were printed with the generous support of Stuart Graphics in Penticton.

On the day Hansen wheeled through Penticton, Mansfield was able to present Hansen with a complimentary copy and announce that a fundraising goal of $10,000 had been surpassed the very day of Hansen's arrival.

[BCBW Spring 1987]