INGERSOLL, Ernest (1852-1946)

Author Tags: 1850-1900, Gold

Originally published in 1897, Ernest Ingersoll's detailed record of the Klondike gold rush was reissued as:

Gold Fields of the Klondike (Heritage House, 1987)

It was originally entitled Gold Fields Of The Klondike And The Wonders Of Alaska / A masterly and fascinating description of the newly-discovered Gold Mines. How they were found. How worked. What Fortunes have been made. The extent and richness of the Gold Fields. How to get there. Outfit required. Introduction by Henry W. Elliott.

He also wrote Knocking Around the Rockies (Harper & Brothers, 1882) and has been credited as the author of Upland Game Birds and Water Fowl of the United States (Scribners 1877) attributed to Alexander Pope, Jr. (1849-1924).

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