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Unity Bainbridge of West Vancouver is an amateur ethnologist and painter who frequently visited the Lillooet and Whistler area. In editions of 1,000 copies she self-published Songs of Seton: The Three Sisters of Nekiat (1974, 1975, 1976) and Lullaby of Lillooet (1977). Along with text in the form of diary extracts, Bainbridge's paintings recall her visits from 1942 and 1976 with a romanticized, tragic perspective. "This book is written in memory of lovely things that have gone... the lost little churches and the villages of Lillooet," etc. On a social level, Bainbridge preceded a community of artists and arts supporters in West Vancouver during the 1940s and 1950s that included Gordon and Marion Smith, Bert (B.C.) Binning, Jessie Binning, Alistair Bell, Betty Bell, Geoff and Ruth Massey. With these connections she received the Order of British Columbia in 1993 and a Queen’s Jubilee medal.


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Bainbridge, Unity. Lullaby of Lillooet (s.p., 1977).

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