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Originally from Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario, Amanda Lamarche came to Gibsons, BC when she was eleven. Poetry editor for Prism International, Lamarche's first collection of poetry is The Clicheist (Nightwood, 2005).

[BCBW 2005] "Poetry"

The Clichéist by Amanda Lamarche (Nightwood Editions $15.95)

You know you are in for a wonderful set of poems when the first poem causes your heart to skip a beat and then you look again at the cover illustration and it’s the visual translation of that poem. Now you know what a splint to keep the heart still looks like. The poems in Amanda Lamarche’s first book illustrate one of J. Michael Yates’ aphorisms: “Art must summon a weather of danger.” There are no clichés in The Clichéist. Anyone planning to fell a tree, please first read the fifteen-poem section, A Tree Falls In The Woods. “Here’s my trick for staying alive. Don’t think like a man when you plan your escape route. Think like what lives in the forest. Sniff things out. Make friends with the idea of a getaway on all fours.” 0-88971-20-5

--review by Hannah Main-Van Der Kamp

[BCBW 2006] "Poetry"