Author Tags: Kidlit & Young Adult

Raised in the Nicola Valley, Nicola I. Campbell was a UBC Fine Arts student of Interior Salish (Nle7kepmx, Nsilx) and Métis ancestry when she published her first children's book, Shi-shi-etko (Groundwood, 2005). Illustrated by Kim LaFave, it portrays a young girl named Shi-shi-etko ("she loves to play in the water") during her last summer before she must leave her family to attend a residential school. She spends her remaining four days playing outside and listening to her parents' and grandparents' teachings, intent on keeping everything inside her "bag of memories."

Campbell's second children's book, Shin-chi's Canoe (Groundwood, 2008), also illustrated by Kim LaFave of Roberts Creek, describes Shi-Shi-etko's return to residential school for a second year, this time with her six-year-old brother Shin-Chi. In 2009, it won the TD Canadian Children's Literature Award ($25,000) sponsored by TD Bank Financial Group and presented by the Canadian Children's Book Centre.

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