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Dean of Arts at Simon Fraser University for two consecutive five-year terms, geographer John Pierce is the author of, or contributor to:

Agricultural Land in an Urban Society (AAG Resource Publications in Geography, 1982) with O.J. Furuseth.

The Food Resource (Longman, 1990, 1992)

Communities, Development, and Sustainability Across Canada. (UBC Press, 1999) with Anne Dale. Editors.

Reshaping of Rural Ecologies, Economies and Communities (SFU, 2000) with D. Prager and R. Smith (eds.). Proceedings from The IGU's Commission on the Sustainability of Rural Systems.

Promoting Community Economic Development for Forest-Based Communities (2000, SFU Community Economic Development Centre) with Mark Roseland. Executive Summary, Summary Report and Final Report.

Second Growth: Community Economic Development in Rural British Columbia (UBC Press, 2005) with S. Markey, K. Vodden, and M. Roseland.

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Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
Second Growth: Community Economic Development in Rural British Columbia

Second Growth
SFU Press Release (2005)

Four B.C. communities hard hit by tough economic times are getting back on their feet – call it second growth – by taking charge of their future economic development.

Working together with a team of researchers from SFU’s centre for sustainable community development, residents of Salmon Arm, 100 Mile House, and First Nations communities at Bella Coola and Lillooet re-examined their economic needs and developed their own visions and strategies. Those efforts and the rationale behind them are detailed in a new book, Second Growth, Community Economic Development in Rural British Columbia, written by the SFU team.

“Rural communities in B.C. continue to face multiple pressures on their economies,” says co-author John Pierce, SFU’s dean of arts and social sciences.

“From a policy perspective to address these issues, the book shows that neither a purely top down or bottom up approach to rural development is effective. Policy to support economic development in rural community needs to adopt a blended approach between top-down support and bottom-up initiative and participation.”

The book helps to illustrate how such a blended approach to rural development is possible.

“All of these communities have been on slightly different paths, but the process of getting on track has been quite similar,” adds assistant professor Sean Markey. “They all have had to undergo a shift in mindset, to view economic development as something that was theirs and to take responsibility for it.

“The result has been a more positive climate in these communities, and a feeling of being more empowered.”

In Salmon Arm, the community has formed a successful economic development corporation.

In 100 Mile House, a community arts centre was created after the community lost its bid to have a forest licence awarded.

Both First Nations communities, including the Nuxalk Nation at Bella Coola and the Upper St’at’imc Nation, near Lillooet, are involved in ongoing land use planning and economic development projects.

The stories of these communities and their attempts at turning their economy around are highlighted in the book.

“Community economic development doesn’t have a long research legacy, but it’s a rapidly expanding field and we’ve outlined its growth and development,” adds Markey.

Second Growth is written by Markey and Pierce together with the centre’s director Mark Roseland and member Kelly Vodden, and is targeted at educators, policy makers and the general public.

Dean of Arts announcement
Press Release (1997)

from SFU
April 3, 1997

A resource geographer who has written extensively about sustainable land use and the varied constraints on world food production is to be Simon Fraser University's next dean of arts.

Dr. John Pierce will succeed incumbent Dr. Evan Alderson for a five-year period beginning this September.

In his book, The Food Resource, which went to a second printing in 1992, Pierce argued that technology is not the sole answer to our need to produce more and better food on a shrinking planet. Solutions are achievable, he maintains, through revamped agricultural policies, land tenure changes, diversified farming and more environmentally sensitive agricultural practices.

An active member of the campus community, Pierce currently serves on the university's senate and is chair of senate's committee on scholarships, awards and bursaries. In 1996 he completed 10 years on the board of SFU's art gallery; for eight of those years, he was board chair.

As an expert in sustainable land development and community economic development, Pierce has been appointed to a number of key regional and national bodies. He is currently a member of the economic development committee of the B.C. Chamber of Commerce and is a founding member of the Canadian Consortium for Research on Sustainable Development. From 1993-95, he served on a federal government Green Plan panel adjudicating and encouraging cross-disciplinary environmental research and he continues to serve as a reviewer of programs funded by it.

Resume (2007)


B.A. (Hons. Geography), 1971, University of Toronto

M.A. (Geography), 1972, University of Waterloo

Ph.D., 1976, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London

SFU Positions Assistant Professor, 1976-1982
Associate Professor, 1982-1993
Professor, 1993
Chair, Dept. of Geography, 1990-1997
Director, Community Economic Development Centre, 1992-1997

Current Status Dean, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, 1997-


1) Research Themes

Food/agricultural systems; resource management/policy; land use allocation, modelling; structural change in resource dependent communities; best practice in community economic development; theory and praxis of sustainable development.

2) Publications (* Refereed)


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c) Reports

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d) Selected Book Reviews

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3) Research Funding

Canada Council Doctoral Fellowship, 1974-1976.
President's Research Grant ($1,200), April 1977 to June 1978.
SSHRC Small Grants, June 1982, April 1984, and Aug. 1989.
SSHRC Research Grant, April 1984-1985 ($9,700).
President's Research Grant, March, 1986 ($2,496).
SSHRC Research Grant, Sept. 1989 to Aug. 1991 ($20,000).
Sustainable Communities Initiatives, co-investigator ($60,000)
Toyota Foundation, 1994-1996 ($60,000)
SSHRC Small Grants, 1994 ($5,500)
BC Ministry of Skills, Training and Labour, Innovation Fund Grant, 1995-1996 ($29,000)
Toyota Foundation, 1994-1996 ($60,000)
SSHRC Small Grants, 1994 ($5,500)
BC Ministry of Skills, Training and Labour, Innovation Fund Grant, 1995-1996 ($29,000)
SSHRC Research Grant, 1995-1998 ($45,000)
Simons Foundation to CED Centre ($17,000)
SSHRC International Travel, 1996 ($1,000)
FRBC Research Grant, 1997-2000 ($380,000)
MCRI SSHRC - Co-Investigator, 1999-2004 ($3.4 m)
VP Conference Grant, 1999 ($5,000)
SSHRC RDI, 1999 ($15,000)
Joint Initiatives (Ocean Management..), SSHRC, 2001, co-applicant ($268,000)
Climate Change Adaptation Program 2006, co-investigator ($100,000)

4) Refereeing

Suzuki Foundation, 2005
Tri-Council Secretariat, Eco-Research Program, 1992-1996
SSHRC Research Grant applications 1999, 1998, 1995, 1993, 1991, 1990, 1989, 1988, 1986, 1983
SSHRC Standard Research Grants, 1982-
Canadian Geographer 1995-2000, 1993, 1989, 1984, 1979
Canadian Journal of Regional Science, 1989, 1999-2000
Environments (six manuscripts), 1995, 1991
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University of British Columbia Press, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998-2000
Routledge Press, 1995, 1998- 2000
James Cook Research Fellowship, 1998-2000
Environment and Planning A, 1997-2000
Foundation for Research, Science and Technology, New Zealand, 1997-1998

5) Editorial Board

Land Use Policy

6) Scholarly Presentations

J. T. Pierce “The Challenges of Conservation. Getting the Missing Story Straight: Part II.”
Continuing Studies, SFU, Town Hall Meeting, Nov. 2005.

K. Vodden S. Markey and J. Pierce, “Weighing the Consequences: Engaging British Columbia Communities in Offshore Petroleum Assessment”. A paper presented at the annual meeting of the IAIA, Vancouver, April 2004.

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Community Development Perspective”, A paper presented at the Third BC Natural Gas Symposium, Vancouver, May 2003.

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_______ "A Cartographic and Graphic Analysis of the Land Conversion Process", Annual Meeting of the CAG, London, Ontario, May 1978.

7) Conference Chairing, Participation, Organization

Participant, “Moving the Water Agenda Forward.” M. J. Wosk Centre, SFU, March 2004.

Participant, “The World Summit on Salmon.” M. J. Wosk Centre, SFU, June 2003.

Organizer, "Reshaping of Rural Ecologies, Economics and Communities'. IGU Conference, Commission on Sustainability of Rural Systems. Academics from 13 countries with paper presentations and a 3 day field excursion, June/July, Vancouver, 1999.

Organizer (with Gerald Hodge) Preparing for Now Conference, "Tools and Strategies for Community Economic Development", Vancouver, June, 1995.

Organizer (with Tom Johnston), "Changing Environments for Agriculture" (three sessions), Annual Meeting of the CAG, Vancouver, May 1992.

Panelist, "Rural Change: Theoretical Perspectives and Research Agendas", Annual Meeting of the AAG, San Diego, April, 1992.

Chair, "International Review of Policy Frameworks", Globe '90 Conference, March 1990 (Invited).

Chair, "Environment and Food Production", sub-theme in the Limits to Rural Land Use Conference, IGU, Commission on Changing Rural Systems, Amsterdam, August, 1990.

Chair, "Rural and Urban Fringe Studies in Canada I: General Themes", Annual Meeting of CAG, Edmonton, May, 1990.

Chair and Panelist, "Land Use Modelling Workshop", Duke University, Raleigh North Carolina, 1988 (Invited).

Panelist, "Teaching of Rural Geography", Annual Meeting of CAG, Halifax 1988 (Invited).

Panelist, "Hydromega Project Politics: Experiences in Australia, New Zealand and Canada", Australian-Canadian Industrial Workshop, Simon Fraser University, 1986.

Organizer, "Management of Rural Resources" (two sessions), Annual Meeting of CAG, Calgary 1986.

Chair of Workshop, "Methods and Techniques for Land-Use Change and Degradation Monitoring", Environment Canada Conference - Monitoring for Change Workshop, Ottawa, 1985 (Invited).

Chair of Session, "Urban Fringe: Land Use and Policy", International Conference, Management of Rural Resources: Problems and Policies, Guelph, 1985.

Panelist, "Environmental Impact Assessment: Effects on Corporate Megaproject Planning and Regional and Institutional Development: The Case of British Columbia's Coal Development Guidelines," at the Canadian Regional Science Association Conference, University of British Columbia, June, 1983.

Organizer, economic geography workshop for the SFU - BCSSTA Geography Conference, October 30, 1981.

Chair, "Government Response to Land Use Problems", in Reason, Values and Decision Making on Land Use Issues, A Symposium sponsored by the Department of Philosophy and Continuing Studies, Simon Fraser University, March, 1981.

Chair, "Rural and Economic Change", Annual Meeting of the Western Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers, Kelowna, March, 1981.

Chair, "Land Use Conflicts Within the Urban-Rural Fringe", an invitational seminar by the Inter-governmental Committee on Urban and Regional Research, Victoria, February, 1979.

Panelist, "Research and Education in Human Settlements: Canada and the Third World", an invitational seminar by the Canadian International Development Agency and the Centre for Human Settlements, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, May, 1978.

Panelist, "Arable Land: The Appropriate Use of a Scarce Resource" invitational seminar by the Centre for Human Settlements, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, January, 1977.


1) Instruction

Course # Title

Geog. 100 Introduction to Human Geography
221 Introduction to Economic Geography
262 Geography of Canada

Geog. 322 World Resources
361 Introduction to Urban Geography
385 Food Production and the Environment
404 Directed Studies
429 Selected Topics in Economic Geography
445 Resource Planning


Geog. 700 Introduction to Graduate Studies Pt. I
701 Introduction to Graduate Studies Pt. II
736 Resource Management
803 Theories and Recent Developments in Economic Geography
805 Directed Supervision
851 Resources Management
891 Directed Readings

2) Supervision

Gary Holisko - Honors Essay, 1978
Mike Lytton - Honors Essay, 1979

Graduate Committee Member for:
Rick McDougall, M.A., 1982
Wayne Luscombe, Ph.D., 1987
Doug Brown, Ph.D., 1988
Robert Sherwood, M.A., 1987
G. Huang, M.Sc., 1992
B.Whyte, Ph. D., 1999
L. Wolfe, Ph.D., 2000
Savoie, A., M.P.M., 1997
Purnomo, A., Ph.D., 2000
Regeczi, G., M.A., 1998
Guertin, M., M.A., 2000
Carlos, M., Ph.D., ongoing
Asp, K., M.A., 2002
Markey, S., Ph.D., 2003

Senior Supervisor for:
Ron Rothacker, M.A., 1982
Catherine Camp, M.A., 1986
Jacinthe Seguin, M.A., 1989
Betty Hansen, M.A., 1990
Yin Yongyuan, Ph.D., 1990
Dave Ellenwood, M.A., 1992
Robert Feagan, Ph.D., 1995
John Logan, M.A., 1994
Anne Rowan, Ph.D., withdrew
Ian Linning, M.A., 1999
John Jespersen, M.A., 2000
Steven Prager, Ph.D., 2000
Beauchesne, A., Ph.D., withdrew
Neumann, J., M.A., 2003
Smith, R., M.A., 2002
Sean Markey, Ph.D., 2004
K. Vodden, Ph.D., ongoing
C. Rockandel, MA 2005
Brandon Young, ongoing


1) Department

Chair, Department of Geography, 1990-1997.
Chair, Graduate Studies Committee, 1987-1988.
Tri-University Atlas Project Committee, 1990-1995.
Department Graduate Studies Committee, 79, 81-82, 83-85, 87.
Department Tenure Committee, 1986-1989.
Departmental Academic Adviser, 80-1.
Department Budget Committee, 78-3 to 79-3.
Departmental Appointments Committee, 1977-1979.
Chair, Departmental Appointments Committee, 82-86.
Co-editor, Department of Geography Discussion Paper Series (1-24), Simon Fraser University, 1978-1988.

2) University

Senate Committee on University Priorities, 2005, 2003, 2001
Registrar’s Search Committee, 2006
Presidential Search Committee, 2004
Dean of Graduate Studies Search Committee 2003
Dean of Science Search Committee, 2003-2004
Dean of Education Search Committee, 2001-2002
Director Co-op Education Search Committee, 2000
Presidential Search Committee, 1999-2000
Vice Presidential Academic Search Committee, 1999-2000
Dean of Science Search Committee, 1998-1999
Dean of Continuing Studies Search Committee, 1997-1998
Chair, Senate Policy Committee on Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries, 1996-1997
Member, Senate Committee on Continuing Studies, 1996-1997
Senator, 1995-1997, 1997-2007
Director, Community Economic Development Centre, SFU, 1992-1997
Environmental Studies Task Force, 1991
Environmental Studies Committee, 1992-1995.
Chair, Urban Studies Steering Committee, 1991-1993.
Consultant to Fraser Valley Task Force, 1989.
MRM Tenure Committee, 1987 and 1988.
University Tenure Committee, 1983 and 1984.
Dean of Arts Community Economic Development Committee, 1988-1990
Canadian Studies Program Steering Committee (alternate) 79-1 to 1984.
Board Member SFU Art Gallery 1986 and 1987.
Chairman of the Board, SFU Art Gallery, 1988-1996.

3) Profession

Scientific & Technical Advisor, Committee (oil and gas exploration), Northern Coastal Information and Research Program 2002-2004, UNBC.
Management Committee, Commonwealth Geographical Bureau, 2000 -
Editorial Board, Land Use Policy, 2000-
Member, Economic Development Committee, BC Chamber of Commerce, 1995-1997.
Member of Tri-Council Secretariat, Adjudication panel, Green Plan, Ottawa, 1992-1995.
Founding Member of the Consortium of Canadian Centres for Research on Sustainable Development, 1993-1995.
Chair, Rural and Urban Fringe Study Group, CAG 1984-1987.
Board Member, Rural-Urban Fringe Study Group, CAG June 1982 to June 1984.
Coordinator, Graduate School of Geography Discussion Paper Series, London School of Economics, 1974-1976.

4) Community

Board Member: Bill Reid Foundation, 2005 –

External Examiner:

- Ben Bradshaw, "Resource Use Response to Subsidy Removal to Commercial Agriculture", Ph.D., University of Guelph, April, 1999.
- M. Brklacich, "A Framework for Evaluating the Sustainability of Food Production Systems in a Changing Environment", Ph.D., University of Waterloo, May, 1989.
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