WALLACE, W. Stewart

Author Tags: Forts and Fur

Librarian of the University of Toronto, W. Stewart Wallace perservered and gained access to Hudson's Bay Company archives in 1932, having been rebuffed in 1913, in order to publish 32 documents on the constitutional history of the North West Company. He subsequently published an excellent series of papers on the Nor'Westers in which he recounted how and why Alexander Mackenzies had his famous feud with Simon McTavish, along with chapters on "The Wives of the Nor'Westers" and "Was Peter Pond a Murderer?"


Wallace, W. Stewart, ed. Documents Relating to the Northwest Company (Champlain Society, 1934).

Wallace, W. Stewart. The Pedlars from Quebec and Other Papers on the Nor'Westers (Toronto: The Ryerson Press, 1954).

[BCBW 2005] "Forts and Fur"