WELBANKS, Douglas P.

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Self-published author of Finances After Separation (Chateau Lane / Sandhill, 2006), Douglas P. Welbanks retired from the Province of B.C.'s Attorney General's Ministry where he was Director of Debtor Assistance.

The Ujjal Dosanjh Story Unbreakable (Chateau Lane / Sandhill) chronicles former Attorney General Dosanjh's battle for the rights of immigrant women, just treatment for farm workers and social justice, while standing against racial discrimination and religious persecution. B.C.’s premier from 2000 – 2001, Ujjal Dosanjh was born in a small village in Dosanjh Kalan, Punjab, India in 1947. He migrated to England at the age of 17 and moved again to Canada in 1968. He worked at a sawmill in Vancouver while studying political science at Simon Fraser University and later earned a law degree from the University of British Columbia. This seems like a humble beginning for a man who rose to hold the top political office in the province but Dosanjh was born into a politically active family as both his father and maternal grandfather were involved in India’s independence movement from Britain. Following in their footsteps, Dosanjh became involved in civil rights during his student years. He hit the news several years after establishing a private law practice when he publicly denounced using violence in the campaign to secure an independent Sikh homeland in India. This followed from the terrorist bombing of Air India flight 182 in 1985. Dosanjh was beaten with a metal bar outside his law office and almost killed. But he continued to speak out against extremism. Dosanjh served as a Member of Parliament for the Liberal Party from 2004 – 2011.

[There are two versions of Ujjal Dosanjh’s life story. In Spring of 2017, B.C. BookWorld ran coverage of smartly-packaged reprise called Journey After Midnight: India, Canada and the Road Beyond. Crediting Dosanjh as the sole author, it was from the ‘hybrid’ publishing enterprise Figure 1, an offshoot of Scott McIntyre’s D&M domain.]


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Finances After Separation (Chateau Lane / Sandhill, 2006)

From Lost to Found: The May Gutteridge Story (Douglas Welbanks, 2010) 9780978482411

The Ujjal Dosanjh Story Unbreakable (Chateau Lane/Sandhill 2014) $19.95 978-0-9784824-4-2

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Unbreakable: The Ujjal Dosanjh Story