Bookseller Pauline Woodward passed away on July 28, 2007, a few days short of her 93rd birthday. “She was a great supporter,” says publisher Howard White. “One of the old guard who was in it because she really loved the biz.” Ms. Woodward owned and operated Pauline's Books, a full-service general bookstore that operated on Denman Street, in Vancouver’s West End, for many years. “Pauline will be remembered by the thousands of booklovers that frequented her shop for her dry sense of humour and no-nonsense approach to the business of life and literature,” says Walter Bruce Sinclair, of White Dwarf Books. “Her death marks the end of an era, the era that came before the onslaught of featureless chain and online outlets, an era before books themselves became featureless commodities, conveyed from press to shelf without ever touching human flesh. There was no computer, not even a cash register, on Pauline's counter. You took the book from her hand - and it was, if you were wise, the one she recommended. She, and her era, will be missed.”

[BCBW 2007] "Bookselling"