Launched on Bowen Island, Nick Faragher's first collection of fiction, The Well and Other Stories Thistledown 2008), according to press material, "combines sharp-witted voyeurism, psychological twists, and an assembly of maladjusted characters whose dark desires govern their fates." Set in 1960’s Greece the “The Watch Seller” and “Birds for Breakfast” turn on mystery and moral dilemma. Set in Italy, “Piazza del Cignois” details how lust and deceit easily conquer romance, while the title story, “The Well” unravels a contemporary account of deceit and Nazi ghosts. “The Promising Artist” is a sinister tale of a narcissistic man and an overweight young woman. “A Wee Bit of Fun” is a story derived from a homophobic hate crime in Vancouver’s Stanley Park.


The Well and Other Stories Thistledown 2008) ISBN 978-1-897235-48-5 / trade paper; $16.95 / 197 pages / September 2008