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Born in 1940 and raised in West Vancouver, climbing legend Dick Culbert provided one of the first authoritative guides to major climbs in the West Coast Mountains in 1965, updated in 1969. Canadian Mountaineering Anthology: Stories From 100 Years on the Edge (1994) suggested that 1960-1975 was ‘The Culbert Era in the Coast Mountains,’ Glenn Woodsworth has released a collection of Culbert’s poetry in The Coast Mountains Trilogy: Mountain Poems, 1957-1971 (Vancouver: Tricouni Press $15.95), illustrated by Arnold Shives. Stylistically like Robert Service poetry, but more in the tradition of Earle Birney’s poem David, Culbert’s writing reflects on man’s relations with nature and his maturation process to adulthood. Culbert earned a Ph.D in geophysics from UBC in 1971 and long worked in South America in his profession of mineral exploration. He lives in Gibsons. 978-0-9811536-0-5


A Climber’s Guide to the Coastal Ranges of British Columbia (Alpine Club of Canada, 1965)

The Coast Mountains Trilogy: Mountain Poems, 1957-1971 (Vancouver: Tricouni Press, 2009) Illustrations by Arnold Shives. $15.95 978-0-9811536-0-5

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