BOYANOWSKY, Ehor (1943- )

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A criminal psychologist and professor at Simon Fraser University, Ehor Boyanowsky is also a former president of the Steelhead Society of British Columbia. He has written extensively on fishing and conservation issues. He is the author of a slim memoir Savage Gods, Silver Ghosts: In the Wild with Ted Hughes (D&M, 2009). This book pertains to Ted Hughes' fishing trips and public readings in B.C. The poet David Day was chiefly responsible for first bringing Hughes to British Columbia, later resulting in a friendship between Boyanowsky and Hughes, but Boyanowsky gives Day and Victoria poet and organizer Linda Rogers short shrift. Ted Hughes is presented as a great and good man, and a wonderful companion, fishing or otherwise. Boyanowsky lives at Hole in the Wall, a well-known salmon fishing spot near Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver.

[BCBW 2009]

Nominated for Savage Gods, Silver Ghosts
BC Book Prizes (2010)

from BC Book Prizes catalogue
They met at a poetry reading, but Ehor Boyanowsky and British Poet Laureate Ted Hughes became friends through their shared passion for fishing. Against the backdrop of the Dean River, one of the world’s greatest steelhead rivers, the two men explored their mutual regard for the planet’s wild places. Boyanowsky draws on personal correspondence, interviews and journal entries to recreate their encounters and to paint an intimate portrait of a lifelong outdoorsman, conservationist and artist. In these tales of male friendship and the primal act of fly-fishing, the reader gets glimpses of the “nature red in tooth and claw” that drew Ted Hughes to Canada — and rekindled his love of the natural world. Ehor Boyanowsky, a criminal psychologist and professor at Simon Fraser University, has written extensively on conservation issues and is the co-author of The Pocket Guide to Fly Fishing for Steelhead. He lives in West Vancouver.