A little known fact is that the largest shipwreck disaster along the Pacific Northwest Coast was the sinking of the SS Princess Sophia on October 25, 1918. There were no survivors and the stories of an estimated 367 people on board are lost. What happened during their final hours will remain a mystery. SS Princess Sophia, Those Who Perished: The Unknown Story of the Largest Shipwreck Disaster along the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America (Maritime Museum, $19.95), co-authored by Judy Thompson and David Leverton, started as resource guide to an exhibit about the SS Princess Sophia at the Maritime Museum of British Columbia, where Leverton worked as Executive Director and Thompson as a volunteer. The book lists every crew member and passenger and a blurb about each of their stories. The last message from the SS Princess Sophia is stark and tragic: ?Alright but for God?s sake hurry, water coming in room.? 9780969300175