Alan David Aberbach (1932-2010) received his Ph.D in History from University of Florida. A musicologist and former associate professor of history at SFU, Aberbach has lectured extensively on classical music and opera to the public and is a recipient of SFU's Excellence in Teaching award. He is a Wagnerian scholar who has written The Ideas of Richard Wagner: An Examination and Analysis of his Major Aesthetic, Political, Economic, Social and Religious Thoughts (University Press of America, 1988) and Richard Wagner: A Mystic in the Making (1991). Three other Aberbach titles are Charan Singh and the Mystic Tradition, Richard Wagner's Religious Ideas: A Spiritual Journey and Richard Wagner's Spiritual Pilgrimage. Aberbach has also taught history at Guilford College and Long island University. A CBC opera commentator and founder of the Opera Club of Vancouver, he became Director of the Seniors Program at Simon Fraser University's Harbour Centre Campus in Vancouver.

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