Heribert Adam is a professor emeritus at SFU and writer of political science books, often co-authored with wife Kogila Moodley.

"An enduring feature of the Israeli-Palestinian impasse has been the pygmy moral stature of the leadership on both sides. Stepping firmly into a notorious minefield of ethnic/religious passions. Adam and Moodley argue convincingly that hoping for some savior figure to bring the warring parties together is futile. For the uncompromising quality they offer, they are to be applauded." - J.M. Coetzee, review of Seeking Mandala


Seeking Mandela: Peacemaking Between Israelis and Palestinians - with Kogila Moodley (Temple U. Press 2005) $79.37 9781592133956

Hushed Voices: Unacknowledged Atrocities of the 20th Century - editor (Berkshire Academic Press 2011) $28.10 9781907784033

Imagined Liberation: Xenophobia, Citizenship and Identity - with Kogila Moodley (SUN Press 2013) 9781920330985

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