Jody Aliesan writes poems, songs, stories, articles, essays, and reviews. Born in the USA in 1943, she traveled from its centre through all four corners before immigrating to Canada in 2004. From Kansas City she moved to California (Occidental College), to Massachusetts (Brandeis University), and she was teaching in Alabama the year Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered. She worked as a media representative with the Vietnam Moratorium Committee in Washington DC and Chicago, and co-founded and directed a farmland trust in Washington State. Deeply involved in the second wave of feminism in the US Pacific Northwest, she continues to work against war and for social and environmental justice. She lives in Vancouver. Her papers (to 2003) are at the the University of Washington Libraries:


US National Endowment for the Arts Literary Fellowship, others


True North/Nord Vrai (Blue Begonia Press, 2007)
Loving in Time of War (Blue Begonia Press, 1999)
Grief Sweat (Broken Moon Press, 1991)
Desire (Empty Bowl Press, 1985)
as if it will matter (The Seal Press, 1978)
Soul Claiming (Mulch Press, 1975)


Desperate for a Clearing (Grey Spider Press, 1998)
States of Grace (Grey Spider Press, 1992)
Doing Least Harm (Brooding Heron Press, 1985)
To Set Free (Second Moon, 1972)
Thunder in the Sun (UWYWCA, 1971)

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