Of Cherokee and Celtic descent, and legally blind, Celu Amberston has a B.A. in anthropology and health education. Also a mother of four, she has worked as a health educator, a home economics instructor, video producer and a life skills coach. She is the author of two fantasy novels, Renewal Book I, The Prophecy of Manu and Renewal Book II, Teon is Give Away. The Victoria-based writer has also been a proponent of Wicca. Her Blessings of the Blood, using her nom-de-plume Cornwoman, grew out of her 'spiritual quest to find a deeper meaning to her bodily cycles'. She has also written a drama called Potlatch of Siselah.


Blessings of the Blood: A Book of Menstrual Lore and Rituals for Women (Beach Holme Publishers, 1991)

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