With Doreen J. Hunter of North Vancouver, Mary E. Andrews of North Saanich co-wrote and co-published A Man and His Century (2003) about the life of Gerald Smedley Andrews, a pioneer forester, surveyor and the longest-serving Surveyor General of British Columbia (1951-1968).

Gerald Smedley Andrews was born on December 12, 1903 and turned 100 years old in conjunction with the publication of the book. Andrews was living in Victoria with his daughter Mary Andrews when the book was released. It recalls him teaching in a Métis outpost, working out his passage across the Atlantic to learn photogrammetry in Dresden, Germany and later receiving a medal for his wartime work charting Normandy beaches for the invasion of 1944. He then oversaw the post-war surveying and mapping of British Columbia. Included are photographs, sketches and journal excerpts. According to retired surveyor Barry Cotton, "To the surveying profession, Gerry is still regarded as an institution, the man who charted the Province through its most extensive period of growth - the post-WW II years." He received the Order of Canada and the Order of British Columbia. Gerald Smedley Andrews himself wrote Sir Joseph William Trutch (British Columbia Lands Service, 1972), a tribute to the first Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. Trutch had served as Surveyor General before his appointment to Lieutenant Governor.


A Man and His Century: Gerald Smedley Andrews, 1903- (Victoria: Privately published, 2003). By Mary Andrews and Doreen J. Hunter.

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