DATE OF BIRTH: February 19, 1955

PLACE OF BIRTH: Eureka, California

ARRIVAL IN CANADA: December 1965


BIBLIOGRAPHY: In Their Nightgowns, Dancing (A play): UNBC Press, 2005

BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: For twenty five years, Michael has been a carpenter, an actor and a writer. He has done numerous readings and performances around the province and is a past president of the Federation of BC Writers. He has a degree in English and History from UNBC,a teaching diploma from SFU and has taught high school drama for the past three years in northern BC. Through his small Roaring Heart Press, he has published numerous chapbooks of poetry for himself and other writers in the North. He is also a spoken word artist and has performed and recorded with Vinyl Groove, a jazz ensemble based in Prince George.

[BCBW 2006] "Theatre"