Born in Ankara, Turkey in 1961, she was educated there to the level of M.Sc. She received her Ph.D in sociology from the University of Toronto in 1998. As an assistant Professor of Sociology at Simon Fraser University since September 2002, she dismisses the notion that globalization is an unstoppable force in Global Shaping and Its Alternatives (Garamond), a collection of essays co-edited with UVic sociologist William Carroll.

Atasoy was formerly visiting Assistant Professor in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies at the University of Michigan-Flint (2001-2002). She taught Sociology as an Assistant Professor at the University of Manitoba in 1999-2001. Her Ph.D thesis was entitled Beyond Tradition and Resistance: Islamic Politics and Global Relations of Power, The Case of Turkey: 1839-1990. Her fields of scholarly interest are Globalization, Political Sociology, Social Change and Development; Global Political Economy; Sociology of Women and Gender Relations. She has been an editorial collective member for Canadian Dimension magazine.

Books: "Citizenship and the Collapse of the State: The Ottoman Case"; in Separatism: democracy and Disintegration (ed. M. Spenser). Boulder, Colorado: Rowman & Littlefield, 1998.

Global Shaping and Its Alternatives (published in Canada by Garamond Press and in the U.S and EU by Kumarian Press; Garamond's ISBN 1-55193-043-9; Kumarian's ISBN 1-56549-158-0;) Co-edited with William K. Carroll, University of Victoria.

Cosmopolitan Islamists in the Global Economy (in progress, 2003)

Other publications include: "Islamic Revivalism and the nation-State Project: Competing Claims for Modernity" in Social Compass Vol. 44, N.1 (1997); "Cosmopolitan Islamists in Turkey: Rethinking the Local in a Global Era" in Studies in Political Economy (Forthcoming); "Muslim Organizations in Canada: Gender Ideology and Women's Veiling" in Sociological Focus (Forthcoming); "Explaining Globalization"; (Chapter 1), in Global Shaping and Its Alternatives (2003); "Explaining Local-Global Nexus: Muslim Politics in Turkey"; (Chapter 4), in Global Shaping and Its Alternatives (2003); "Afterward: September 11 and the Reorganization of the World Economy"; (Chapter 10), in Global Shaping and Its Alternatives (2003) [BCBW 2003]