Paula Ayer rebelled against her Canadian sausage-making family at age 15 by going vegan. Her husband, raised by Hindu vegetarians, rebelled by eating meat. Family dinners are interesting to say the least.

Ayer's first book, Foodprints: The Story of What We Eat (Annick $26.95) is aimed at children 12 years and older. A picture book, it examines our food supply and production in a concise and informative way. A range of questions about food are dealt with including its history, science, marketing, and economics as well as tips regarding what is good for you. For the most part, Ayer manages to stay remarkably neutral about the industrial producers who have brought us genetically modified food, pesticides, and inhumane cages in which many food animals spend most of their lives.

Ayer has worked as an editor, translator, researcher and art director. She has published magazine articles, music reviews and a blog about TV shows. Ayer lives in Vancouver.


Foodprints: The Story of What We Eat (Annick 2015) $26.95 978-1-55451-719-0

Water Wow!: A Visual Exploration (Annick 2016) co-author Antonia Bayard and art by Belle Wuthrich $14.95 978-1554518210

Eat Up! An infographic Exploration of Food (Annick 2017) co-editor, Antonia Banyard; art by Bell Wuthrich $14.95 978-1-55451-883-8

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