Born on January 7, 1946 in the town of Bosanski Petrovac in Bosnia-Herzegovina, he left as a refugee. Bahtijaragic graduated from the University of Sarajevo, where he majored in Southern Slav literature. He has worked as journalist for the Oslobodjenje (Liberation) newspaper house in Sarajevo and as a business publisher for numerous companies. He has written poetry, short stories for adults and children, literary criticisms and works of long prose. He has been published in a number of literary magazines, among which are Izraz (Expression), Putevi (Paths) and Bosna Press. His first novel, Krv u ocima (Blood in the Eyes), chronicles the tragic odyssey of the Bosniac population of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Footprings: Poetry and Threads of Poetical Impressision (Trafford, 2009), interweaves poetry and philosophical prose. He immigrated to Canada with his family in 1994 and lives in North Vancouver.

Blood in the Eyes - Best novel in Bosnia in 1999
Chernovs' Toil and Peace - Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize 2011

Chernovs' Toil and Peace (Publish America 2011)
Footprints: Poetry and Threads of a Poetical Impression (Trafford, 2009)
Eyes to the Cold Cky, poetry; (Bosnian Word, 2004)
Bosnian Boomerang, novel; (Bosnian Word, 2001)
Blood in the Eyes, novel; (Bosnian Word, 1999)
Barren soil, poetry; (Zapis, 1982)
Skits for Cycles, poetry; (Oslobodjenje, 1971)

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