Linda Bailey was born in Winnipeg, where she was raised as the eldest of three girls. As a child, she was shy and cautious, but wanted to be an adventurer. "I think that's why I like to write adventure stories now. I did a lot of reading and loved all kinds of books - horse stories, mysteries, classics. I also loved to play 'pretend' games in big groups of kids. When I grew up, what I wanted to do most was to travel. I spent two years travelling around the world and lived for a while in Europe and Australia." Returning to Canada, she worked as a travel agent, then got university degrees in English and Adult Education. She arrived in BC in 1973. Bailey taught at Vancouver Community College College for several years and then wrote and edited educational materials for the Open Learning Agency and the B.C. Ministry of Education. Some of her trips have been to the Grand Canyon, London, Paris, New York and Mexico. She has two adult daughters (Lia and Tess), a golden retriever dog (Sophie), and a cat (Daphne).

Stanley's Party by Linda Bailey and Bill Slavin received the Time to Read award in 2007. The author/illustrators received $7,500 each and Stanley's Party was distributed by the British Columbia Ministry of Education to all BC kindergarten students in September, 2007.

Her children's book Seven Deadly Pirates (Tundra Books 2015) was shortlisted for a Sheila A. Egoff children's literature prize.

CITY/TOWN: Vancouver, B.C.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Winnipeg, Manitoba



What's a Serious Detective Like Me Doing in Such a Silly Movie? (Kids Can Press, 2002)
How Can A Brilliant Detective Shine in the Dark? (Kids Can Press, 1999)
What's A Daring Detective Like Me Doing in the Doghouse? (Kids Can Press, 1997)
How Can A Frozen Detective Stay Hot on the Trail? (Kids Can Press, Toronto, 1996)
How Can I Be A Detective If I Have to Baby-Sit? (Kids Can Press, Toronto, 1993)
Who's Got Gertie? And How Can We Get Her Back! (Kids Can Press, Toronto, 1994)
How Come the Best Clues Are Always in the Garbage? (Kids Can Press, Toronto, 1992)


Under-the-Bed-Fred (Tundra 2017) Illustrated by Colin Jack $16.99 978-1-770495-53-1
Carson Crosses Canada (Tundra Books 2017) illustrations by Kass Reich $21.95 978-1-101-91883-8
Seven Dead Pirates (Tundra Books 2015)
Stanley at School (Kids Can Press 2015), illustrated by Bill Slavin, $18.95
If Kids Ruled the World (Kids Can Press, 2014) $18.95 978-1-55453-591-0
The Farm Team (Kids Can Press, 2006). Illustrated by Bill Slavin.
Stanley's World Ride (Kids Can Press, 2006). Illustrated by Bill Slavin.
Stanley's Party (Kids Can Press, Toronto, 2003)
The Best Figure Skater in the Whole Wide World (Kids Can Press, Toronto, 2001)
When Addie Was Scared (Kids Can Press, Toronto, 1999)
Gordon Loggins and the Three Bears (Kids Can Press, Toronto, 1997)
Petula, Who Wouldn't Take A Bath (HarperCollins, Toronto, 1996)


Adventures in the Ice Age (Kids Can Press, Toronto, 2004)
Adventures in Ancient China (Kids Can Press, Toronto, 2003)
Adventures in Ancient Greece (Kids Can Press, Toronto, 2002)
Adventures With the Vikings (Kids Can Press, Toronto, 2001)
Adventures in Ancient Egypt (Kids Can Press, Toronto, 2000)
Adventures in the Middle Ages (Kids Can Press, Toronto, 2000)


Seven Dead Pirates: A Ghost Story (Tundra 2015) $19.99 978-1-77049-815-0 Ages 8-12

Arthur Ellis Award (Crime Writers of Canada) 1996 & 1999;
Ontario Library Association Silver Birch Award 2001;
B.C. Red Cedar Award 2003;
Atlantic Provinces Hackmatack Award 2003

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