A Bellingham-based instructor in Indian Studies at Western Washington University, Batdorf (b. 1919) served on the staff of the Lummi Community Action program on the Lummi Reserve in Washington State. Studying the Salish culture intently, she learned to carve totem poles and weave baskets. She is the author of Spirit Quest (Hancock House, 1990), the story of a young native boy Oogli, who becomes Cha it zit, future chief of the Lummis. In a follow-up volume entitled Power Quest: The Journey into Manhood (Hancock, 1990) he must gather the knowledge he will need to be chief, including some shamanist powers handed down by his uncle. Some of the characters are real, including Cha it zit, who dealt with the coming of the Hudson's Bay Company traders and their establishment of a trading post at Langley. Batdorf also wrote an introduction to the food and cookery of the Coast Salish called Northwest Native Harvest, which aims to give an understanding of Aboriginal cookery, specifically of the Coast Salish, and to explain the close relationship between their food and culture. There are recipes provided where appropriate. (Hancock, 1990). Batdorf self-published Clancy and Tidepool Friends (Batdorf Publishing, 1983, 1987).


Power Quest: The Journey into Manhood (Hancock 1990)$12.95, 0-88839-240-0

Spirit Quest (Hancock House, 1990) $12.95, 0-88839-210-9

Northwest Native Harvest (Hancock, 1990) $10.00, 0-88839-245-1

Clancy and Tidepool Friends (Batdorf Publishing, 1983, 1987)

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