According to promotional copy: "The post-war era in Vancouver defined what has become popularly known as the "West Coast Style."; Through the work of seminal figures such as BC Binning, Ned Pratt, Ron Thom, Fred Hollingsworth, Douglas Simpson, Barry Downs and Arthur Erickson, Vancouver architects won national awards and international recognition for their innovative house designs. This period is now seen as one of the most important in the city's architectural history. Focusing on the years from 1940 to the mid-1960's, The West Coast Modern House features over fifty examples of modern houses."

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Gathie Falk, Paintings 1978-1984 (Art Gallery of Victoria, 1984)

Eppich House II: the Story of an Arthur Erickson Masterwork. Vancouver, BC: Figure 1, 2019. 160 pages. 9781773270470 (hc) $45.00

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West Coast Modern House: Vancouver Residential Architecture (Figure 1 2014)

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