Utsám' Witness was a series of camping weekends held in Nexw-áyantsut--meaning "place of transformation" in the Squamish language--that mixed Coast Salish peoples with "settlers" on disputed territory. This exercise in cross-cultural activism, supporting the preservation of 50,000 hectares of forest, has been documented and celebrated in Picturing Transformation: Nexw-áyantsut (Figure 1 2013), a self-published coffee table book jointly credited to Chief Bill Williams, Nancy Bleck and Katherine Dodds. According to publicity materials, "It's both a visual testament to the power of collaboration and a lesson in the possibilities for resolving conflict peacefully, now and in the future."


Picturing Transformation: Nexw-áyantsut (Figure 1 2013) by Nancy Bleck, Katherine Dodds and Chief Bill Williams $39.95 978-0-9918588-0-4

Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
Picturing Transformation: Nexw Ayantsut