With text by Ken Mather, former general manager of Historic Hat Creek Ranch, near Cache Creek, Greg Bos has completed his 33-year documentary photo project, Trails of the West: Images of the North American Cowboy ($49.95 hc $29.95 sc), independently published in conjunction with Bos' photo exhibition at the Barbican Library in London. This remarkable, limited edition tribute to cowboys of western North America began in October of 1984 when, as a rookie photographer for the Kamloops News, Bos was snowbound at the Douglas Lake Ranch for an assignment to mark the 100th anniversary of one of Canada's biggest and most iconic cattle ranches. Having worked twenty years as a Reuters staff photographer in Europe, Bos returned to Douglas Lake in 2017 after a 30-year absence to take the photo above. 978-1-9996778-0-0 hc 1-978-9996778-1-7 sc


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