Before Dick Bourgeois-Doyle became the Secretary-General of the National Research Council, he lived in B.C. from 1972 to 1982; briefly studying at SFU, then working with a forest consulting firm and for Lower Mainland radio stations CJVB and CISL as a reporter.

He left B.C. for Ottawa where he worked for various B.C. Members of Parliament in the 1980s. He subsequently became Director of Corporate Governance at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), having joined the NRC Executive Offices in 1987. Bourgeois-Doyle had previously been Chief of Staff to the Minister of Science and Technology and the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans and was start-up manager of technology and public relations firms.

Outside of politics and research, Bourgeois-Doyle has contributed to many books, articles, TV features, and radio programs on science history. He is also the author of Her Daughter the Engineer: The Life of Elsie Gregory MacGill (NRC 2008 9780660198132). Elsie MacGill was the world's first female aeronautical engineer and professional aircraft designer. She influenced early bush planes and guided production of famous aircraft in World War II.

According to publicity materials: "Elsie the engineer," was also the driving force on Canada's Royal Commission on the Status of Women and every inch the daughter of the suffragette judge Helen MacGill. Affected by muscle paralysis at 24, Elsie often struggled to walk as she pursued her amazing career. Her inspirational life story is the third installment of the NRC Research Press Biography Series."

Tim Leslie, Vice President and Chief of Operations, Vintage Wings of Canadam has added, "Though I am familiar with the history of Can-Car and Canadian built Hurricanes, seeing how the 'atmosphere of urgency' and 'obligations vital to everyone's interests' helped 'clarify the value of both sexes' strikes me as a somewhat timeless lesson as applicable today as it was then. This is certainly a book I would recommend to my high school-aged daughter."...

Also a humourist, Dick Bourgeois-Doyle maintains a blog at canushumourous.blogspot

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