A director of The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Patricia E. Bovey has served on the Board of the Canada Council. Her book, A Passion For Art: The Art and Dynamics of the Limners (Sono Nis Press, 1996 ISBN 1-55039-070-8), is an examination of a gathering of artists in Victoria known as "the Limners";. The artists included are Maxwell Bates, Pat Martin Bates, Richard Ciccimarra, Rober deCastro, Walter Dexter, Nita Forrest, Colin Graham, Helga Grove, Jan Grove, Elza Mayhew, Myfanwy Pavelic, Carole Sabiston, Herbert Siebner, Robin Skelton, Sylvia Skelton, Karl Spreitz and Jack Wilkinson. Bovey also wrote the text for Robin Harper: Ceramic Explorations, 1957-1987 (Art Gallery of Victoria & Koffler Gallery, New York, 1987).

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