Mainly self-published author of:

The City of Rainbows. P. Bowman, 1982.
Klondike of the Skeena! P. Bowman, 1982.
Land of Liquid Sunshine. P. Bowman, 1982.
Metlakahtla - The Holy City! (Port Edward, B.C.: Sunrise Printing, 1983)
Muskeg, Rocks and Rain: History of Prince Rupert, B.C. (Prince Rupert: s.n., 1973)
Road, Rail and River. P. Bowman, (Sunrise, 1981).
Second World War Memories. P. Bowman, 1987.
Whistling Through the West. P. Bowman, 1980
The Last Little Station (Port Edward: 1989)
Tracing Trails of History (Port Edward: 1989)
Port with a Past (Port Edward: 1992)

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