Uirapurú (Oolichan $19.95), P.K. Page's adaptation of a Brazilian tale of transformation, received the Bolen Books Children's Prize for illustrator Kristi Bridgeman at the 8th annual City of Victoria Book Prizes in 2011. It's the story of mischievous boys who set off into the forest to catch the Uirapurú bird with nets and bows and arrows. They meet an old man with a flute who has spent his life trying to mimic the Uirapurú's song. Jurors for the Bolen Books Children's Book Prize were Tracy Kendrick, librarian; Barbara Nickel, writer; and Pat Oldroyd, bookseller. Their comments on Uirapurú included, "Kristi Bridgeman's extraordinary accomplishment in Uirapurú is to tell a story with illustrations so richly-layered and complex, so warm with colour, humour and detail so as to draw the reader into its haunting magic and back again, each re-reading a discovery."; In 2010, Bridgeman was shortlisted for the Governor General's Award for children's literature illustration for the same book. She lives on Vancouver Island.


There Once Was A Camel (Cherubim / Ekstasis 2008) by P.K. Page

The Sky Tree: A Trilogy of Fables (Oolichan 2010) by P.K. Page

Uirapurú (Oolichan 2010) by P.K. Page. 978-088982-264-6

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